Protea Series

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Protea Series

Commemorative Gold and Silver Coins depicting South Africa's national flower - The King Protea


  • 1995-2003

    The Protea Series Commemorative coins from 1995-2003

  • Democracy

    The Protea Series - 2004 Celebrating Ten Years of Democracy coins

  • Nobel Laureates

    The Protea Series - 2005-2011 Nobel Laureates

  • Life of a Legend

    The Protea Series - 2013 onwards depicting the life of a Legend: Mr Nelson Mandela

  • Launch Sets

    The Protea Series - Launch Sets - Typically low mintage protea gold and silver coins with mint marks packaged in limited edition wooden boxes.

  • Prestige sets

    The Protea Series - Limited edition Prestige Sets containing 3 coins in the Protea series (1oz Gold, 1/10th oz gold and a Silver 1/2 oz coin) and packaged in a wooden box.

  • Proof Sets

    The Protea Series - Limited edition Proof Sets containing numerous gold and silver encapsulated coins and packaged in a leatherette box.

  • One oz

    The Protea Series - 1 oz Coins - Proof 1 oz Gold coins featuring the popular protea emblem and packaged individually in leatherette boxes.

  • Tenth oz

    The Protea Series - Tenth oz Coins - Individually packaged proof 1/10th oz gold coins featuring the protea emblem on the coin obverse.

  • Silver

    The Protea Series - Silver Coins - Sterling Silver R1 coins featuring the protea emblem on the coin obverse.

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