2009 Kruger Launch Set



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The 2009 Kruger Launch Set containing a mintmarked 1oz Gold Proof Krugerrand and a sterling silver commemorative medallion.

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Since the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek’s independence in 1852, the LandLocked ZAR had aspirations of a link to a non-British harbour and a railway line from Pretoria to Delagoa Bay (Maputo) in Mozambique would ensure economic freedom.


It was only after the discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand in 1886, under the leadership of President Paul Kruger, that the ZAR got its own railway system. A jointly owned Dutch and South African railway company (Nederlandsche Zuid-Afrikaansche Spoorweg-Maatschappij or NZASM) was granted the concession for building and managing most of the ZAR railway network, including the Delagoa Bay line. By the end of the 19th century, NZASM had built, operated and administered 1147 kilometres of railway line, dozens of buildings and stations as well as rolling stock, thus influencing the economic development of the ZAR.


The enormous potential mineral wealth of the ZAR Led to war and during the night of 29 May 1900, President Kruger, accompanied by a few officials, left Pretoria for the last time in his train as British troops approached Pretoria. ZAR headquarters were set-up in Machadodorp on Kruger’s train and became known as the "Government on Wheels".


On 3 August 1900 the British forces took possession of all NZASM documents and books. Later that same year a formal confiscation of all the property of NZASM was made. NZASM was then taken over by Imperial Military Railways.


On 11 September 1900, President Kruger said his farewell after the two ZAR governments decided that he should leave for Europe to enlist support for the Boers and their concern. The "Government on Wheels" retreated for Lourenco Marques where President Kruger boarded the Dutch 'Gelderland' to take him to safety in Europe. Whist still trying to raise financial and moral support for the Boer army, Paul Kruger died at Clarens tri Switzerland on 14th July 1904. The "Government on Wheels" train is now housed at the Kruger Museum in Pretoria. 


This mintmarked Krugerrand was minted on a coach drawn by the No. 2650, Class 19D steam locomotive during the taunch of the 2009 Krugerrand. The 19D was a South African Railways design and proved to be extremely versatile locomotives. Locomotive No. 2650 saw service in every corner of South Afria. It was withdrawn and dumped for scrap in 1983 but was rescued by "Friends of the Rail" for



The 2009 Launch Sets pay homage to South Africa’s first railway system which helped change South Africa into an economical force to be reckoned with.

    Mass: 33.930g, 15.00g
    Diameter: 32.69mm, 32.69mm
    Metal Content: Au 916.67 Cu 83.33, Ag 925 Cu 75
    Reverse Die-sinker: CL Steynberg, B Hartland
    Obverse Die-sinker: O Schultz, MJ Scheepers
    Box Type: Wood
    Purity: 22 carat gold, Sterling Silver
    Maximum Mintage: 300

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2009 Kruger Launch Set

2009 Kruger Launch Set

The 2009 Kruger Launch Set containing a mintmarked 1oz Gold Proof Krugerrand and a sterling silver commemorative medallion.

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