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2000 Natura Prestige Set - The Sable



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The 2000 (4 coin prestige set) Sable is the 2nd theme in the monarchs of Africa Natura series.

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The legal tender proof Natura coin serieshas established itself as one of the most renowned modern proof coin series in the world. Since the first pure gold(24 ct) Natura coin was issued in 1994, the Natura has become a numismatic success story. The South African Mint is proud of the various international awards which it has received for this popular collectors' coin series.

The introduction of the "Monarchs of Africa" theme featuring the Kudu, "King of the Antelope", was extremely well received in 1999. The theme for 2000 is "The Sable- Queen of the Antelope".

The Sable antelope has earned this title due to the fact that the female bears a set of horns just as her male counterpart does.

The Sable antelope(Hippotragus niger) are gragarious animals and live in herds of up to 30 individuals. Each herd is led by a territorial male. The juvenile males are evicted from the herd at the age of three. They group together to form "bachelor" herds, where they will remain for about 2 to 3 years. After this period, they will starrt challengig the herd bulls to acquire their own breeding herd. The fights are more a display of supremacy, very seldom causing any bodily harm. 

The female sable gives birth for the first time at the age of three years. One or two weeks before the gestatian period of eight months ends, she will leave the herd and retreat to a secluded place where she will givbe birth to a single calf. She will then move progressively towards the herd with her calf. The calves will congregate in nursery groups, only joining the mother at feeding times.

The Sable antelope is found in the northern and north-eastern parts of the African subregion in open woodllands, and is dependant on the availability of water.

The Sable antelope is one of Africa's most endangered antelope and together wiht the artistic and innovative design on the coins, the 2000 Natura will be an essential complement to any coin collection.

The Sable antelope can stand as high as 1.35 meters at the shoulder and weigh in at 230 kilograms

The common obverse (front) of the 2000 Natura Sable coin depicts a Sable  looking back. 

The reverse (back) of the 2000 - 1 ounce gold Natura Sable coin portrays a Sable antelope bull, with the inscription Natura at the top of the coin and South Africa at the bottom.
The half ounce (½ oz) 24 carat gold Natura Sable coin which portrays a Sable family resting
The quarter ounce (¼ oz) gold Narura Sable coin which portray 2 Sable Bulls challenging and a tenth ounce (1/10 oz) gold Natura Sable coins which portray Sable drinking water.
    Mass: 31.107 g, 15.553 g, 7.777 g, 3.110 g
    Diameter: 32.69mm, 27.00mm, 22.00mm, 16.50mm
    Metal Content: Au 999.9
    Reverse Artist: Johan Steyn, Linda Lotriet, William Lumly, Arther Sutherland
    Obverse Artist: Susan Erasmus
    Box Type: Wood
    Purity: 24 carat Gold
    Maximum Mintage: 700
    Actual Mintage: 483
    Issue Price: R5,630
    Estimated Market Value: 2008 R15,750
    Estimated Market Value: 2009 R30,000
    Estimated Market Value: 2013 R32,000
    Estimated Market Value: 2014 R33,000

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2000 Natura Prestige Set - The Sable

2000 Natura Prestige Set - The Sable

The 2000 (4 coin prestige set) Sable is the 2nd theme in the monarchs of Africa Natura series.

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